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FAQs About Artificial Grass | Artificial Turf Usage

Reliability and quality of workmanship are paramount to every lawn we lay.

Artificial Grass OptionsWhat are the advantages of Artificial Grass?

The main advantages of artificial grass over real garden turf are the savings money and time especially on lawn maintenance. There is no lawn mower to buy and maintain. No chemicals like the real lawn to keep it green and it can also improve lifestyle and help with environmental issues.

Low maintenance – savings on time and upkeep costs. This applies to homeowners and the elderly for whom maintenance is not convenient or practical.

No watering - This is ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

Better for the environment – No need for pesticides and mowing.

Ideal for areas of heavy usage - With no more slippery and muddy areas or muddy shoes and muddy dogs coming into the house.

All year round green - Aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year. Also no more yellow patches on your lawn or weeds coming up in your manicured grass.

Clean and hygienically safe - Pets cannot discolour or physically damage it.

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Can I install artificial grass on top of my existing lawn?

This is not recommended as the existing grass will die and compact to give an uneven surface, however if the surface is even and has good drainage then this is possible, but is not advised. You will note from some of the photographs on this website that we use turf cutter that will cut a strip of turf cleanly and quickly. This means that the level of the sub base is level after we remove the turf of the existing lawn.

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What sort of base is acceptable?

Removing concrete or tarmac is expensive and time consuming and the good news is that artificial grass can be laid over these surfaces as long as some basic rules are applied.

These surfaces are no different to compacted soil except the earth is porous and water will seep through naturally. In the case of concrete or similar material this is not the case therefore there should be a slope for the water to run off.

Tarmac is porous to an extent but seepage takes longer normally so some minor flooding will occur in high rainfalls.

You will note from some of the start to completion galleries that we take great case to ensure the depth, sand mix, borders and compacting is carefully completed. This is because that the more care taken the longer the lawn will last.

Anchoring the artificial grass to the grounds is also very important. If this is not completed correctly the lawn will quickly degrade.


Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass & Turf
Artificial grass is a very popular choice with child friendly areas in gardens and dogs in mind as well. There is a very wide choice of artificial grass choice to suit all pockets.
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