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About Planning With property prices soaring and the cost of moving increasing each year home improvements are on the rise. If you`re looking to have a new kitchen fitted, add a garage or landscape your garden you`ll be in the majority and with a bit of know how it`s an effective and efficient way to add value and space to your home.

A popular home improvement is the extension into the garden with decking and garden design and general improvements. A clean and tidy, garden friendly area both in the front of the house, where the buyer sees first, and the back garden with a creative and practical look can add value to the house and improve its chances of a sale.

However, before you start putting those exterior designs into action it`s best to check out the set regulations that govern this type of work. Your ideas might sound great to you but they may sit outside what is deemed acceptable. Get it right and you`ll have the `ok` from your Local Authority and be granted the essential and required completion certificate. Get it wrong and you`ll end up unable to start the improvements or, even worse, having to take the whole thing down.

Front Garden Planning Permission

Where To Start?

Making changes to your garden does not seem the changes that will incur the requirement of making a planning application and in many case this is true. However, some changes to your garden will have to be processed through the local Planning Department.

Start by looking at the UK Government's website at the Planning Portal. In a clear and well presented graphical interface the rules are clearly spelt out and can form an excellent basis for your project.

Decking IssuesWhat Permissions Are Required?

The good thing about the guide is that the graphical interface allows you to choose which area of your property that you want to investigate the rules and how they apply to what you wish to do. The areas fall into the following garden area categories:

  • Extensions and additions to the main building of the property.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Garages. Fences.
  • Walls and gates.
  • Trees and hedges.
  • Adverts and signs added to the property.
  • Sheds.
  • Wind turbines.
  • Fuel tanks.

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass & Turf
Artificial grass is a very popular choice with child friendly areas in gardens and dogs in mind as well. There is a very wide choice of artificial grass choice to suit all pockets.
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